Our Focus

Intriago Advisors was founded by Joy M. Intriago, CPA, CVA. who has more than 20 years of in-depth experience in guiding businesses and advisors in financial matters. The firm offers a variety of services, primarily for

  • Growing and medium-sized businesses who need the advice of a seasoned professional.
  • Family law attorneys needing business valuations.
  • Estate Planning Advisors needing business valuations for IRS compliance purposes.

Our Services

  • Business Valuation Consulting
  • Special Project Consulting for Businesses
  • Tax Planning & Compliance for Businesses

Our services focus on helping a business to grow and providing business valuation consulting services.  We also offer tax return preparation services.  Joy spent over 10 years in Big Four Accounting (Ernst & Young and Deloitte) providing advice, planning and compliance for small, medium and large companies. Additionally, Joy Intriago is a Certified Valuation Analyst who has worked with attorneys and other advisors to perform business valuations for negotiation, litigation and estate tax filings.

How Are We Different

  • Broad experience over 20 years
  • Small but professional service
  • Reasonable fees quoted up-front
  • Access to other solutions and professionals as necessary

We are different in that we only accept a few clients that we believe we can serve efficiently.  Each company will receive the personalized attention of Joy or her closely supervised staff.  

Too often entrepreneurs, small business owners or non-profits rely on the services of a bookkeeper and get their tax return done, doing only those things that are absolutely necessary.   What they don’t understand is that the things that they are not doing – setting goals, doing budgets, handling human resources properly and making systems more efficient – are the some of the keys to making a business grow. 

Joy Intriago founded, managed and grew two successful businesses in which she developed efficient and effective methods of financial management.  She wants to work with serious business owners who want to grow their businesses.

"All businesses need to have a road-map, or the business is bound to get lost.  Set goals, plan how to achieve them, assess, adjust and repeat.", Joy tells each client.

Our systems are based on years of experience in managing and operating businesses.  As necessary we incorporate more specific experienced professionals in our advisory team working with them to provide the solutions while you run and grow your business.


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